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The seaside views of the Costa del Sol are exquisite to many millions of visitors each year yet the inland can offer the best beginning in Spain. Coín is a peaceful and alluring town that can cater to all sorts of needs for your dream journey.  

With a small population of 20,000 people, with a sizeable portion being expats. The town Coín is closely situated north of Marbella and west of Malaga. Brilliant if you want to jot down to the golden beaches of these two cities.   

Coín is very small which makes it such a unique place to raise a family, retire and in general comfortably integrate yourself in the Spainish culture. Within the town there are a handful of superb tapas bars and Andulusian restaurants to bring you closer into this special place.  

It is advised that learning Spanish is the most efficient way to truly immerse oneself into the goings on of the country. For which, Coín offers many Spanish language learning institutions and expert private instructors. Once grasped, you and your family can enjoy the life of Spaniards.  


Touch nature in the Barranco Blanco


Nature lovers find this region rich in wilderness, especially in the White Ravine known as Barranco Blanco. There, you can explore transparent waters and the beauty of the flora and fauna around. Feel at ease to pitch your picnic and enjoy the splendor of being with nature once again.  

Another day can be full of exploring the local shopping scene where you can find all your needs. There is a famous shopping centre called La Trocha Centro Comercial full of both independent, national and international brands around.  

From Coín it is relatively simple to drive around however you can easily access the same amenities by the super bus routes that run frequently. With Malaga only 30km away, a day trip out or even a connection to the airport is viable but affordable.  

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