Fuengirola, a home to sun, sea and sand


Fuengirola has been associated with holiday go-ers, however there is a growth in British expats relocating to the area. As you stroll along the streets of Fuengirola, you begin to understand why. Not to mention the delightful climates the town has day in day out.  

There stretches a handsome 8km beach, perfect for a morning run or evening stroll. One can say goodbye to cramped gym sessions here. The heat does pack quite a thirst which can be addressed with the copious amount of bars, restaurants and juice shops dotted down the promenade. For those that seek the adrenaline rush, Fuengirola is such a place for fast-paced water sport activities. 

There is a diverse property scene here, from seafront family homes to sleek apartments in the centre. Sol Spanish Estates can certainly can show you properties within Fuengirola and around, tailored to you. Once here we can support you with our specialised advice, for example: how to set up your first spanish bank account.   

This town is something special, it combines a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere all round. Yet, for those with a wilder appetite it can also satisfy your needs with a lively nightlife scene. 


You can travel around so easily, no car required


Considering Fuengirola is fairly central within the Costa del Sol, it is no surprise that travelling around the region can be so easy. Unlike remote areas of Spain, you can travel up and down the coast even without a car. Buses can take you to quaint inland towns and trains to larger locations like Malaga or Marbella

Fuengirola offers some amazing career options within the tourism and hospitality industry. There’s so much opportunity in this town that there’s no need to travel to larger cities. Family life can also be fulfilled with high quality schools in the town and retirement can be satisfied with relaxing life based on the Andalusian coast..

We are certain you will have so many questions for which we are always here to advise. Know more about Fuengirola, then call us on 07584 343 88 or email info@solspanishestates.com to make it happen!

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