Put the breaks on in Gaucín


Find the picturesque village of Gaucín, only 35km north from the energetic town of Estepona. An unbelievable view of the Costa del Sol can be seen from here. It sits a good 600m above sea level within the mountainous region of Serrania de Ronda. The life of a local is slow but ultimately rewarding.  

Serrania de Ronda is a mountainous region where you can advantage of the valley with your walking boots on and picnic in hand. There is a medieval castle, Roman and Moorish architecture, at the very top of the village called Castillo del Aquilla translated to Eagle’s Castle. From there on the clearest of days you can see the rock of Gilbralter and even the coast of Morocco. A place that can inspire further travels to new lands.  


Do you want adventure? 


If yes, then Gaucín is the place. The road to Gaucin is the first adventure, a curvaceous route which flows into the mountainous valley.  It is a place way off the tourist track and as you drive toward the village you can feel the anticipation, it really does feel like an adventure. Once there it will become apparent the need for such effort. 

You won’t be the only one to feel such amazement as there is a growing expat community there. Meet both expats and locals for idle lunch or indulgent dinner in the bars and restaurants across the village. Remember, the Spanish do eat later around 10pm for dinner so do pace yourself throughout the day if you wish to make friends. However, Gaucín is a particular place where one can be content in their own company especially at El Atíco restaurant, it has the best view in the village. 

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