Time stood still in the Incredible Istán


At the very north of the Costa del Sol you will find the pleasant village of Istán, one that is ready to charm you. It is quintessentially Andalusian and typically moving at that leisurely pace that you find in villages such as these.  

The best approach into the centre is by foot, the streets are so narrow that many cars can’t physically fit through the narrow streets. Like most villages in Spain, the very centre plaza is where you can find the community. Be aware that the Spaniards eat and drink late so it’s best to savour your tapas till they join you. From there the conversation and flow. This is the local spainish culture and has been for generations, enjoy it.  

As you sit back sipping wine and waiting for the sun to go down, you can take in the piercing views of both Sierra de las Nieves and Sierra Blanca. There is also the gorgeous reservoir to see and enjoy water-sport sessions, attracting Spainards from afar, called Embalse de la Concepción. 


Village life with the city life a stones throw away


Marbella West, now known as the Golden Mile, is the closest city to Istán with only 20km between them. Driving there is one of the most picturesque routes to drive down with mountains and windy roads all the way to the coast. Moving to Istán is a wonderful idea as you have the peace of the village and after a 30 minute drive you can find yourself in fabulous clubs and long beaches. 

For those relocated to Istán, we have heard from many expats that they like, most of all, the timeless attitude towards life. Somedays the hardest decision that you’ll make it choosing the tapas from the menu. Isn’t that something to think about? 

If you would like to think about tapas and mountains on a regular basis then we can help you formulate the plan to move across. Call 07584 343 88 or email to make it happen!

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