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Like so many people recognise the Costa del Sol for it’s golden beaches and coastal resorts, the inland region can be said to be the quintessentially unspoilt Spain. Monda is a very fetching village that contains handfuls of rich history and a diverse range of properties available.  

The village neighbours lush olive groves and wine vineyards for miles around. Like Mijas and Ojén, Monda also boasts the quiet life. It sits 400m above sea level in amongst a bewildering mountainous view.  

Some days you may feel the city calling and that’s no problem from Monda. The roads are superb and transport links efficient right through to Marbella and Malaga, less than 50km to travel. 

For many the community of Monda resides in the central square called Plaza de la Ermita with a handful of quality tapas bars and restaurants. It is the local hotspot to watch life take hold and fall into the nightlife of the village.   

If you like nature then Mondo is obviously the place to be. Besides the olive groves, wine vineyards and mountainous views there is also a National Park called Sierra de las Nieves only a stone throws away from Monda. A perfect place to pitch up your picnic and take on the hot afternoon sun.   


Ready yourself for the full Andalusian experience


Monda does not fail to deliver the true Andalusian experience with many festival and fiestas flourishing in the spring/summer period. Festival Flamenco Villa is one, and another called Feria de San Roque and the super Feria de San Roque. Spanish life is just waiting for you.  

Another great attribute that the village has is the castle called Castillo de Monda, built before the 9th century. It has faced great misfortune through the centuries but some of the original structure can still be seen. Now it has been renovated into a high end boutique hotel and high rated restaurant. Some locals proclaim that there was a battle found by Julius Caesar however that fact has not been verified, yet. 

Do you want to investigate it further? If you would like to set down permanent roots in Monda then Sol Spanish Estates can help. Let’s discuss further, call 07584 343 88 or email to make it happen!

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